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Company Vision and CEO

 Company Vision

New Jersey based TMO Entertainment is fastly becoming a leading resource for contracting and producing the biggest names in music, tv, public speaking, and modeling for private and public functions worldwide. Since 2000 this talent resource has booked top name musicians and celebrities for corporate events, private parties and independent promoters worldwide.

"We give everyone access through our website to contract big name entertainers, models and public speakers for their events," says company founder Tammanika Maishia Odidi. Her true roots in music called her as she constantly began meeting artists and models. She began working on committees for big celebrity events and fundraisers. She is giving everyone a brand name website where they can contract any entertainer, model, artist or public speaker in the business for their events.

Tammanika Maishia Odidi can be reached directly at 908-868-1322 or
[email protected]  

 Tammanika Maishia Odidi

Agent and CEO


 Tammanika Maishia Odidi has an eye for spotting the best of the best!

She has booked several artist for venues all around the tri-state area

and Mid-West United States.

Her ear for music started at a young age when her mother,

an organist and her father also a

musician, began sending her to piano lessons.

Tammanika danced with the late Olatunji,

African Dancer and Drummer (1963-1968).

She also danced with the lovely Ruth Williams,

Dance Instructor of Harlem(1966-1970).

While there she was inspired to start her own dance troupe called:

Tammanika Maishia Odidi & her Fabulous Dance Troupe,

(1968-1972). She was also a Lead Singer

of the Soul Reactions Band (1968-1973). 

Choreography, Singing, and Music

has always been her desired occupational interest .

Tammanika is an optimist who wants to touch, uplift, and motivate people

by communicating with them through their talent.

She facilitates a collaboration with other

entertainers in the industry and is always thinking forward

to her next project.

She chose the name TMO Entertainment after her name

because she believes it should exist to

encourage, affirm and serve one another as she does her artist.

She is confident about her future,

her versatile way is readily evident in her rendition

of old school, R&B, contemporary Jazz,

Blues, Hip Hop, Poetry, Dancing and modeling genres.

What is most impressive about

Tammanika is her unique flow and sway when meeting

and reaching out to the people.

She professionally analyzes their deepest feelings about the talent

they have been

blessed with.


Tammanika believes "honesty is the best policy"

and is willing to work

for her clients'

best interest.

"Always keeping it real" with a background in "Psychology" from

Stockton State University,

experience in business and coupled with her love for music

she is willing to make any contractual agreement fair for the venue and her clients.


President and CEO of TMO Entertainment - 2010

The Lancelot H. Owens Scholarship Foundation - Entrepreneur (2000-Present)

Celebrities Finest Committee - (2002-Present)

Artist Presentations Committee - (2002-Present)

Artist Worker's Committee - (2002-Present)

Corporate Events, Special Events, and Private Events (1996-Present)